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How to Make Your Own Affordable Wedding Invitations

Affordable Wedding Invitations

Are you tight on budget for your wedding? Don’t worry. In this globalization era where we can easily access information through one platform to another, there is nearly nothing impossible to do.

That includes on how to make appropriate affordable wedding invitations for yours, sisters, or friends’ wedding. This article will guide you into the whole process thoroughly as how to make one, so please check them out.

In the Making of Affordable Wedding Invitations


  • By Using Pressed Flowers

You must have seen those fancy invitations where it is put in something like an envelope and you need to untie the ribbon first in order to get your hands on the actual invitation cards. Those kind of invitations are not actually—like for real—expensive to have. It only cost you a couple of dollars and you’re ready to go!


The things that you need to prepare for these affordable wedding invitations are invitations, reply cards and their respective envelopes. There are also bows and ribbons prepared by them as the finishing of invitations. As to how to make them somewhat classy, this is where pressed flowers come. No, you are not going to use the fake one, but rather the real flowers. Pressed into the envelopes, all just for the sake of authenticity.


  • Elegant Golden Pattern

You know what else will make your invitations to be more elegant? It is nothing other than using the legendary and iconic color of gold. The sparkly effect given by the color will surely make the invitation shining among others. However, you can’t deny the fact this tips are often being ignored just because you are blinded by capitalism which seriously worship high-brand specialized wedding invitation store. This is why one should assure you that this tip of affordable wedding invitations is worth to try.


If you want to choose the safe way, then buy the set of invitations from the nearest store. Well, you can print them out by yourself. However, if you have spare time, why not just build it yourself by using golden color markers with blank invitations? After all, DIY project is the trend nowadays.

Now, who doesn’t favor cheap or even free goods? Literally no one! Let alone if the goods are just as classy as those that you paid. Therefore, those are the tricks behind affordable wedding invitations. Hope you have a good time in making them and wish the result is satisfying.

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